The Atlantean Empire

Wisdom’s Quest


Elisabetta Panzica

— This piece is my favorite piece. Whether it is my best or not, I cannot tell. But it is certainly a part of my heart and soul.

Sahar found it hard to look at them, an entire kingdom of people she loved, but she forced herself, noticing Triana first, her only daughter; all that was left of her world. She had grown up to be a striking young woman, with raven black hair like her father.  Sometimes she thought about Telemitri, wondered what had become of him. The Queen was sure he had survived the cataclysm, that he had been washed ashore some far off land. But she would never know for sure. Sahar smiled at her daughter, Triana would rule the new Kemet with compassion and grace. Arisnoe stood next to the young princess; Sahar waved back at him. He ran past the procession, racing…

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