The Masks We Wear

The Masks We Wear

We are a faceless throng upon the stage of life

Looking for a mask to cover up the rawness

That is our world, our soul, our heart

We hide behind a curtain afraid to show our faces

 Afraid of what the world will say

Braving exposure only if we remain unseen, unheard, unidentified

We cast away identity, uniqueness, individuality

We grab a mask

We become mindless and oppressed, and yet

There remains a flicker amongst the faceless

The slightest ember burns inside of us

And we learn to dance upon the stage of life

WE learn that we are more than just a mask

We are many things to many people,

And although we may choose to wear the same mask the masses wear

We sift through the dressing room

Looking for others, masks that will better hide us

But the flicker remains even if we choose to stay amongst the faceless

The masks we wear are many

But the core of us remains unique, unblemished

And often times untouched

Sometimes we want to hide who we are

Afraid of what we might do

Other times we need to be someone else

We stretch to lend a helping hand

We tap into the face that is ours the one without a mask

And our mask becomes something of a costume,

A prop upon the stage

We become aware that we more than just a mask

We are the naked face of that which is

Both beautiful and ugly to behold,

The rawness that is humanity

The tenderness, and heart

And we understand that we are not the mask.