Advertising Adventure

Today I went on a quest to make my book available to more people. I left books on bus stop benches, little tables outside restaurants, in grocery store carts, in grocery store parking lots. I also left some in parks on benches, and gave some out to people in person as they came out of businesses and restaurants. Some people loved it, others well, let’s say they just ignored me. I got my book out there. I also left some in little libraries within a ten mile radius of where I live.

I found a creative way to advertise and interact with readers, it was a long and rewarding day. One woman was so happy to have gotten the book, she acted like she had just won the lottery, oh my gosh! It was great! I told her it was autographed and she was so grateful. Well, maybe I’ll do this again sometime.

So perhaps on some unsuspecting day, you will find the Atlantean Empire waiting for you, on a park bench or shopping cart.