I Published My Book!




I Published My Book!

I finally did it, I let my baby go. Yes, it feels as if I’ve just given birth.This tale that has been growning inside of me for so long is out in the world now. It wasn’t easy. It took years of hard work, and presistence. A lot of writing and rewriting. I attribute most of my success to my writing critique group, Tuesday Night Fugitives, who have been there for me through out  all my writing endevours in the past decade. Having a supportive writing group holds you accountable, and for me it made all the difference, as a result, I now have a published book, and five others waiting to be edited ,and eventually published as well. If you’re an aspiring writer I strongly recommend that you join a writing group, or create one yourself like I did. You can find different groups on Meetup, catering to every genre under the sun.


The Atlantean Empire

Sahar never asked to be Queen, never wanted the title, all she wanted was to be like every other girl. She wanted the freedom to marry the man she loved, the man she had loved her entire life. However, fate had another plan for her. In this turbulent tale of love, war, and upheaval. Sahar finds that she must choose between love and duty, and the choice she makes will change her forever.