The Human Soul Unmasked


The mortal eye was opened wide

As the human soul unmasked

The visions it beheld

Made it want to look away


The tale of mankind

Was laid before this cringing eye

It lingered there

oggling this vision, sprawled before it

It lay like an outgrowth of an unattractive weed


Through the centuries

Battles raged throughout our lands

We fought for peace

Raging, fighting, killing


Reckless plunder and indescretion

Tainted our paths

We kept on fighting

Fighting for Peace

Not realizing that war begot more war

And so the mortal eye did cringe once more


Our homes were drenched in blood

Our brethern went on

Raging, fighting killing

A thousands years went by

Our blood smeared Earth

Still stood


And we  kept on fighting

Searching out a peace

Carved out of blood

The Mortal eye is shut now


A stalemate is called

Peace holds a different weight

A different face  today

Built upon the fallen

Upon fields smeared red