We Called It Love

close up photography of red rose

Photo by Jess Watters on Pexels.com


We Called It Love


Elisabetta Panzica

Delicate, beautiful rose buds shiver in the cool of morning

As their sweet fragrance sweeps across our consciousness

Trying to awaken a deeper memory within us

Of a timeless imprint of long forgotten days

Plastered upon our hearts

It lies dormant now …

Yet there is a familiarity about it

A wanting to recall … to remember

This wondrous thing, this intangible object

Droplets of dew begin to form

Upon a solitary rose

In distinguished beauty she displays the passions of the heart

Beginning to recall, to recapture the very essence

Of a memory forgotten

She opens up from the inside

And blossoms to bring forth

The rarest of all gifts

We gave it a name

We called it love.