In memory or Maria Panzica (Mom)

I have seen them fall away

One by one, my friends

My loved ones, and my brethren

I sit today at mother’s side

She says to me, sing

Sing about the grief

As she lays there dying

But how can I?

Death lingers at our door

And even though I walk another path

Know that death is but another sate of our immortality

My soul cries out for her

Others gather all around us

Sing out! Sing out they say

It is essential for the season

Mother holds my hand, weak and fragile

Her eyes are dull

Do not weep she says, sing out

For I am free

I swallow tears

The voice comes out of me

A melody of life

Of things learned and cherished

A strange and haunting paradox

I sing, I sing out loud

Life and death mingle

And mother leaves her earthly shell

Her body is limp

The life gone out of it

I sing about the grief and I can see her

Feel her all around me

And when my soul cries out for her

I sing

I sing about the grief